My Approach to Piano Technique

The first lessons are generally devoted  to developing the fundamentals of a solid piano technique which  I believe lies in an arm weight method.  I actually have my students, at  least in the beginning, practice supporting each finger on top of the  piano practice transferring the weight to the next before playing on the  piano. Once this  is achieved, a beautiful tone can result.  I  also recommend a lot of double note practice and again, supporting the  weight of each pair of notes.  Some students naturally have this and  some don't, but I believe it can be taught.  My conclusion is that,  without it, you can become good, but never achieve the highest levels  that many pianists in competitions exhibit.  I also have students clap  the rhythm with  emphasis on the expansion of the arms during the rests  which I feel is essential for presenting  pauses in music without  seeming mechanical.